1. Safety tips

Like every other big city, São Paulo has some problems regarding safety. We suggest for all participants to avoid leaving their personal belongings unattended in public areas and to be extra careful when visiting unknown and/or crowded places.

  1. Transportation

    1. Airport-Hotel

      1. Taxi – Guarulhos Airport

At the GRU Airport (Aeroporto de Cumbica, Guarulhos), only official taxi companies are allowed to operate in the airport area.

Airport – Hotel: the ride to the Butantã or Pinheiros region costs around R$ 150.00 (US$ 45.00). You can find more information at:

  1. Hotel – Airport: when returning to the airport, the taxi driver is allowed to charge an extra fee, which corresponds to 50% of the amount registered by the meter because they cannot take any other passengers if they are exclusively picking you up at your hotel. If the price charged is R$ 110.00, for example, the taxi driver may charge you R$ 165.00. We suggest that you either previously establish the price of the ride with the driver to avoid hassles or that you use another taxi service, such as Rádio-Táxi (see contacts at “Websites and useful phone numbers” section), which is a taxi company that establishes the price of the rides previously.

      1. Taxi – Congonhas Airport

The official taxi company of Congonhas Airport (CGO) is located in the first basement (arrivals occur on the first floor). In order to get a taxi, you have to go down the ramp and turn left to see the counter of the taxi company. You will have to inform the staff your destination address and you will be given two receipts: one of them you will have to give directly to your taxi driver (do not forget to do it, otherwise the driver might charge you for the ride based on the meter, which is never a good idea taking into account the unpredictable traffic of the city).

It is important to emphasize that as soon as you leave the arrival room, several people will offer you cheaper taxi services. Most of these people are illegal works and are unauthorized to offer such services at the airport. We recommend you to avoid using such option.

      1. Executive bus – Guarulhos Airport

As a cheaper alternative, the participants may choose using the public transport system offered by a company called “Airport Bus Service”. The departure of the buses are regular and they take you to the main subway stations. Please check the schedule, values and itinerary clicking on the link bellow (the bus tickets cost around R$ 45.00, approximately US$ 14.00).


    1. Access to the Faculty of Economics, Administration and Accounting (FEA) of the University of São Paulo

      1. Taxi

The participants may use the taxi service offered by an app called “99Taxis” (link for download: or “Easy Taxi” (link for download:

There is one taxi rank on the campus very close to the main building of FEA (where AIB-LAT will be hosted). To get a taxi, you will need to use the main exit door of the building (front door), turn left, walk around 100 meters, and then turn left again. The taxi rank will be on the opposite side of the avenue. The address, the phone number and a guiding map are listed below.

Táxi – Ponto da FEA / ECA

Telephone: +55 11 3091-4488

Address: Av. Prof. Lúcio Martins Rodrigues, Butantã (right next to Santander Bank)

      1. Public transportation


Closest subway station: Butantã (Linha 4 Amarela)

When arriving at the Station Butantã, you will need to take the bus 8012-10 or 8022-10 (“Cidade Universitária/Metrô Butantã at the bus station, which is located at the subway station Butantã.

You will have to get off the bus at Avenida Professor Luciano Gualberto 908, right in front of FEA.



Closest train station: Cidade Universitária (Linha 9 Esmeralda).

You will have to get off the train at the station Cidade Universitária. Cross the bridge and use the pedestrian path. Walk to the closest bus stop and get the bus 8022-10 Cidade Universitária/Metrô Butantã Circular 2 (

You will have to get off the bus at Avenida Professor Luciano Gualberto by the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism. Cross the street and you will be at FEA.


Bus routes that pass through the University of São Paulo with stops in front of FEA:

177H-10 Butantã USP/Metrô Santana

7411-10 Cidade Universitária/Praça da Sé

7181-10 Cidade Universitária/Terminal Princesa Isabel

8012-10 Cidade Universitária/Metrô Butantã (CIRCULAR 1)

8022-10 Cidade Universitária/Metrô Butantã (CIRCULAR 2)

      1. Private vehicles


Driving on Marginal Tietê, follow the signs that indicate Castelo Branco until you reach Marginal Pinheiros. On the local track, after passing by Jaguaré Bridge (Ponte do Jaguaré), turn the first right (Avenida Escola Politécnica). After the first U-turn on the left, turn the next right on Avenida Professor Melo Morais. Turn the first right, on Avenida Professor Luciano Rodrigues Martins. Turn right again on Avenida Professor Luciano Gualberto.

If you are driving on Marginal Pinheiros, you should follow the signs that indicate Castelo Branco until you turn right on the Cidade Universitária Bridge (Ponte Cidade Universitária). After crossing the bridge, you should keep on driving on Rua Alvarenga and then turn right on Avenida Afrânio Peixoto. You will be entering the University by using the main gate (P1). Keep on driving until you see the Professor Rubião Meira Square (aroundabout). Take the exit that leads to Avenida Professor Lineu Prestes. Turn the first right on Avenida Professor Luciano Gualberto.

Parking lot

The University of São Paulo provides parking places on the campus for professors, students, employees and visitors. These parking places are free of charge and the university assumes no responsibility for the vehicles (e.g. theft and damages). There are some restricted parking lots. Above you can see all the parking lots located close to FEA.

It is also possible to park on the streets (no parking ticket needed). It is important to point out that the access to campus is restricted to private vehicles from 8pm until 5am on weekdays and after 2pm on Saturdays. For more information, click on the link bellow.


  1. Health

    1. Drugstores

There are no drugstores on the campus. There are two drugstores close to the exits P1 and P3, which can be reached by bus (Circular 1 or Circular 2): The drugstores are:

Drogasil (exit P3)

Address: Av. Corifeu de Azevedo Marques, 2987

Telephone: +55 11 3735-9700

Opening hours: 24h

Droga Raia (exit P1)

Address: R. Alvarenga, 1351 – Butantã

Telephone: +55 11 3032-4741

Opening hours: 24h

    1. Hospitals and emergency rooms

The health services in Brazil are free of charge. We recommend the participants, however, to get a private health insurance. If the foreign tourist has any health problems, it is possible to seek full medical attention by the emergency rooms of the Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS). The Brazilian SUS offers the following services:

Serviço de Atendimento Móvel de Urgência (SAMU 192)

SAMU Works 24 hours a day, every day, and you can reach them by dialing 192. The phone call is free of charge and you can call them using a local landline or a cell phone. SAMU provides urgency and emergency medical attendance by using ambulances, which assist patients in private residences, work places, and public roads. The SAMU team gathers physicians, nurses, nursing auxiliaries, and rescuers, who are responsible for emergencies regarding traumatology, pediatrics, surgeries, gynecology and psychiatry.

When should you be calling SAMU?

– In cases of cardio-respiratory problems

– Poisoning

– Severe burns

– Maltreatment

– High-risk labor

– Suicide attempts

– Hypertensive crisis

– Accidents with victims

– Drownings

– Electric shock

– Accidents with hazardous products

– When transporting patients with risk of death

Unidades de Pronto-Atendimento (UPA 24h)

UPAs attend patients suffering from severe injuries, especially with regard to surgeries or traumas. The staff first analyzes each case to then decide if the patient should be transferred to a hospital considering the complexity of the case.

On the campus of the University of São Paulo there is a hospital (Hospital Universitário). The university also runs another hospital, located outside the campus (Hospital das Clínicas).

Hospital Universitário da USP

Address: Av. Professor Lineu Prestes, 2565

Telephone: +55 11 3091-9200 ou +55 11 3091-9327

Hospital das Clínicas da Faculdade de Medicina e Saúde Pública da USP

Address: Av. Rebouças, 381

Telephone: +55 11 3087-5456

    1. Immunization

Brazil does not require the International Certificate of Vaccination and Prophylaxis for foreigners to visit the country. It is recommended, however, that tourists that want to visit areas with a high incidence of yellow fever get properly immunized.

You can check more information here:

  1. Shopping

There are several shopping centers to be found within a 10km distance from the University of São Paulo. We have listed below some of the places that might please all participants.

Shopping Center Eldorado (5.1 Km)

Av. Rebouças, 3970


São Paulo – SP


Shopping Villa Lobos (6.1 Km)

Av. das Nações Unidas, 4777 – Alto de Pinheiros

São Paulo – SP


Shopping Iguatemi (7.0 Km)

Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1191 – Pinheiros

São Paulo – SP


Shopping JK Iguatemi (7.1 Km)

Av. Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek, 2041 – Itaim Bibi

São Paulo – SP


Shopping Cidade Jardim (7.2 Km)

Avenida Magalhães de Castro, 12000 – Jardim Panorama

São Paulo – SP


  1. Money

Bank agencies and ATMs

Very close to FEA one can find the bank agencies of the main commercial Brazilian banks (Banco do Brasil, Itaú, Bradesco, Santander and Caixa Econômica Federal). In some ATMs it is possible to withdraw cash by using international credit cards. The map below shows where all these banks are located.

Currency and Exchange

There are two places near FEA where money exchange is possible:

Banco Santander (200 m from FEA)

Exchange: Pounds, dollar and euro (from 11am until 15pm). It is necessary to bring your passport with you

Av. Prof. Luciano Gualberto, 730

São Paulo – SP


Confidence Câmbio (5.1 Km from FEA) – Shopping Eldorado

Opening hours: Monday-Friday from 10am until 8pm; Saturdays from 10am until 6pm; Sundays from 2pm until 7pm

Av. Rebouças, 3970

Telephone: +55 11 4004-5700


  1. Tourist information

Before coming to Brazil, make sure if you need a visa by checking all information on the website of the Brazilian Foreign Office.


If necessary, get in touch with the Brazilian embassy or consulate in your home country.


    1. Consulates in São Paulo

If you need to get in touch with the consulate of your home country in the city of São Paulo, please check the following link for further information.


  1. Meals

    1. Restaurants (Lunch)

Sweeden Restaurante (200 m from FEA)

When having lunch at Sweden, one has two meal options: self-service (R$ 51.20 /kg) and buffet (R$ 54.00 per person), which offers an “all you can eat” service (beverage and deserts included). It is the nearest restaurant to the event place, located right behind FEA buildings.

Link Foursquare:

Address: Av. Prof. Luciano Gualberto, 908 – Butantã, São Paulo SP

Telephone: + 55 11 3034-4892

Clube dos professores (600 m)

This restaurant belongs to the university and attends professors, employees, students and visitors. Open from Monday to Friday, from 11:30am until 2:00pm. It also offers an “all you can eat” service (R$ 33.00 per person) – beverages not included.

Address: Rua do Matão, 801 – Cidade Universitária, São Paulo SP (map attached below)

Telephone: + 55 11 3091-5010 or + 55 11 3091-5005


    1. Tips

Brazilians give tips when going to restaurants (except self-service restaurants), bars, night clubs, among others. This is a way of rewarding waiters and other employees. When a customer wants to pay the bill, there will be an extra fee charged of 10%, which corresponds to the tip. Even though most Brazilians pay this percentage, customers are not obliged to (especially if the service was unsatisfactory).

  1. Post office

The closest post office is located outside the campus, near the Butantã subway station. It can be reached by bus (Circular 1 and Circular 2).

Agência dos Correios Vital Brasil

Address: Av. Vital Brasil, 446, São Paulo – SP

Telephone: + 55 11 3031-4794

Opening hours: Monday – Friday from 9 am until 5pm; Saturdays from 8am until 12amsegunda à sexta-feira das 9h00 às 17h00, sábado das 8h00 às 12h00

  1. Websites and useful phone numbers


– Subway – 0800-7707722 –

– City bus – 156

– Airports – São Paulo Guarulhos +55 11 2445-2945; Congonhas +55 11 5090-9000; Campo de Marte +55 11 2221-2699

– Airport Bus Service – 0800-2853047 or +55 11 3775-3850 –

– Bus stations: Tietê, Barra Funda and Jabaquara – +55 11 3866-1100 –

– Trains – 0800-0550121 –

– RÁDIO-TÁXI Vermelho e Branco – +55 11 3146-4000 or +55 11 3251-1733 –

– ADETAX – Associação das Empresas de Táxi de Frota do Município de São Paulo –

– SINDITAXI – Sindicato dos Taxistas Autônomos de São Paulo – (11) 5573-5200-


– Traffic emergencies – 1188

– Health emergencies – 192

– Civil police – 147

– Military police– 190

– Fire department – 193

What to do in the city

– São Paulo Turismo – and

– São Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau –

– Tips –

– Catraca Livre –

– Weekly guide –



Av. Prof Luciano Gualberto, 908 – Cidade Universitária – São Paulo – SP