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Finished Projects

Proyecto cosechemos más café: El Salvador y Nicaragua. TechnoServe (research coordinator Anders Fredriksson)

El proyecto fue una iniciativa de cuatro años que se llevó a cabo en El Salvador y Nicaragua para aumentar los rendimientos productivos y las ventas de más de 6,000 pequeños productores de café. El proyecto buscó fomentar la resiliencia de los productores a través del fortalecimiento de la capacidad Read More...

Gender in agriculture.

This research aims to investigate the issue of gender in the Brazilian agricultural sector from a review of public policies and cases in order to adopt the Solidaridad Latinoamericana Foundation operating strategy.

Energy Scarcity, Transformational Growth in Food Supply Chains, and Poverty Reduction: Brazil, China e India International Food Policy Research Institute

Develop an integrated conceptual framework for modeling the relations among these three factors. Apply the framework to fresh and processed food supply chains in China, India, and Brazil, to assess how energy costs are generated and affect behavior in the segments of the supply chain. Formulate policy pathways for moving towards more optimal energy and water use practices in food supply chains.

Foundations of Heterogeneity: Analysis of the Firm’s Performance With Similar Initial Endowment (2015 – 2018). Fapesp / Project (coordinator Sylvia Saes)

The main goal of this research Project is to understand the foundations of heterogeneity among economic organizations. In doing so, we intend to analyze the decisions of rural settlers located in Pirituba, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

Strategic Planning for Supply Chain Cachaça. Instituto Brasileiro da Cachaça – IBRAC (2013- 2014).

Nas últimas décadas, as cadeias agrícolas brasileiras sofreram profundas modificações no ambiente competitivo mundial. Tais mudanças refletiram no aumento da atratividade do mercado brasileiro, resultando no ingresso de grandes empresas no mercado interno e a configuração de um novo padrão de competição. Essa nova dinâmica aponta novas perspectivas para vários setores que nasceram totalmente voltados para o mercado interno, com o surgimento de iniciativas de inserção de produtos de maior valor agregado no mercado interno e mundial.

Case Studies in Plural Forms – CNRS/FAPESP (2011 -2014).

In the business firms adopt a plurality of organizational forms to conduct transactions between suppliers, clients and competitors.

Preferences of coffee farmers to adopt environmental regulations – Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique – INRA (2013 – 2014).

To estimate planters’ willingness to adapt their cropping systems to climate changes through the provision of ecosystem services.