Ongoing Projects

One health and urban transformation - recognizing risks, developing sustainable solutions (2016 - current date)

Research Coordinators

Alexandre Nicolella - USP
Dr Timo Falkenberg - Center of Development Research (ZEF) University of Bonn

Project Description

The research ‘One Health and Urban Transformation – recognizing risks, developing sustainable solutions’ aims to analyse the interactions of the various urban systems, their changes throughout the urban development process and their effects on human, animal, plant, and environmental health. Lie at the heart of the graduate school.
In addition, it attempts to identify indirect and direct health effects of economic, industrial, agricultural and urban development forms the basis for the development of sustainable solutions that maximize synergetic effects, minimize trade-offs and mitigate health risks. This study is coordinated by the Center for Development Research in collaboration with several other institutes at the University of Bonn, the University of Applied Science Bonn Rhein-Sieg and the United Nations University (Institute for Environment and Human Security), and will be conducted by research studies organizations in metropolitan regions of from four countries: Germany, Ghana, India, and Brazil.

Economics and management of Brazilian franchising
2015 – current date)

Research Coordinators

Vivian Lara dos Santos Silva – USP
Muriel Faidaro- Université Savoie Mont Blanc


Sylvia Saes - USP & Roberta de Castro Souza - USP


Cooperação Universitária com o Brasil - COFECUB
Project description

The project aims to study the essential features of the functioning of franchise networks in Brazil, compared with developed countries, including France, to highlight the specificity of organizational forms and specific dynamics to emerging countries. Industrial Organization is an appropriate framework for the study of franchising networks. In addition, the consideration of the institutional aspects is essential to capture the specifics of Brazilian franchising.

Empirical studies in meso instituitions: Canada, Italy and Brazil (2018 - current date)

Research Coordinators

Gaetano Martino - University of PerugiaAnnie Royer - Université LavalPaula Sarita Bigio Schnaider - USPSylvia Saes - USP

Project description

Meso-institutions mediate the relationships between the macro and micro institutional layers. However, they remain very little explored in New institutional Economics. Relying on this agenda, we address the institutional framework regulating raw cow milk quality in Canada, Brazil and Italy. We offer a clear differentiation between the three layers in the institutional framework (macro-meso-micro) and explore in detail the various roles performed by meso-institutions.

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Contemporary identity of industrialized food and value chain growth dilemmas: the organic food case (2011 - current date)

Research Coordinators

Vivian Lara S. Silva - USP


Sylvia Saes - USPRoberta de Castro Souza - USPRubens Nunes - USP
Project description

The proposal investigates the organizational, technological and marketing dilemmas that specially challenge the value chain growth of industrialized organic food in Brazil. Its specific objective is to leverage organizational, technological, and marketing innovation researching drivers to enable the commitment of solutions contemplating organic products mass supply, environmental, social and economic principles of production and the integrity and food security of organic products.
The project involves an interdisciplinary team of researchers from various campi of the University of São Paulo, dedicated to leading qualitative exploratory studies (such as consumer behavior and sectorial multi case analysis).
* Project funding: CNPQ / Universal, Process No. 407498/2016-8 (Research funding), Capes (MSc Scholarship) e USP (‘IC’ Scholarship Unified Project).